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Series 1300

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1301. Picnic Caddy

This unique product serves as a dispenser of paper plates, napkins and plastic glasses at a picnic gathering. A carrying handle makes it easily transported. Patterned uprights hold paper plates, glasses and napkins accessible for picnic, cookout and barbecue gatherings. Watch episode 1301 on the Router Workshop to pattern cut parts and join it all to a round oak base with a carrying handle and recessed positions for the salt and pepper shakers.

1302-1304. Plate Hutch and Server

This three-part project has many interesting router procedures. Angled and shaped legs that are part of the cabinet casework become the frame for the full sized drawer in the bottom server. Dovetails hold the drawer front to the drawer sides. A laid down wide molding on the server top and on the base of the plate hutch tie the two together and produce a pleasing appearance. The plate hutch has three shelves with plate slots to display china plates along the back of the shelves. Cups and saucers can be set in front of the plates. The ends of the hutch are pattern cut. Watch Bob and Rick Rosendahl craft this beautiful dining room piece on episodes #1302, #1303 and #1304 of the TV series, the Router Workshop. 1302. Plate Hutch and Server, Part 1 1303. Plate Hutch and Server, Part 2 1304. Plate Hutch and Server, Part 3

1305. Cherry Footstool

This footstool has short stocky legs that are angled and doweled to fit up through the main surface of the stool. A box jointed frame with a cut out for leg comfort fastens on the footstool surface to hold a comfy cushion in place. Grain direction is important to the strength of the leg fastening. Watch episode #1305 for important details in the construction of the Cherry Footstool.

1306. Bob's Table

At 13 years of age, Bob made a table using pine wood and hand tools like a coping saw, files and sandpaper. This episode features that table only this time Bob uses the router and patterns to produce the identical table. Small changes have been made in the construction. For example instead of butt joinery, dados, rabbets and mortise tenon operations were applied. The table has a patterned top with an angle bookshelf below all supported on pattern leg panels. See episode #1306 on the Router Workshop for details of Bob's Table.

1307-1308. Round One-Leaf Table

This versatile accent table features a triangular shaped lower shelf and three unusual shaped legs with a swinging gate leg that supports the one leaf. There is a top shelf as well just below the main table surface that does not extend below the leaf. This table is designed to go against a wall or in the middle of the room for family or living room comfort. In Episodes #1307 and #1308 of the Router Workshop, Bob and Rick shape the unusual legs and table features with the router. 1307. Round One-Leaf Table, Part 1 1308. Round One-Leaf Table, Part 2

1309. The Smith Shelf

This corner accent piece is comprised of three quarter-round shelves fitted into patterned side panels that are joined together at the back with a rabbet-dado. The shelves go from large at the bottom to small at the top. Bob and Rick Rosendahl show circle work and joinery with the router to produce the Smith Shelf in episode #1309 of the Router Workshop TV program.

1310. Tile Front Chest

This small chest has tiles for drawer fronts. The basic black chest accents the earth tone tiles used as drawer fronts, which are glued to the drawer boxes. The drawer boxes have dovetail joinery and fit flush with the chest facings. Small clips between each two-drawer section allow a stacking system that makes it easy to extend the chest to the size desired. A brass knob in the centre of each drawer matches the feet and clips used and set off the tile design in the drawer front. In episode 1310 of the Router Workshop, Bob and Rick guide us step by step through the construction of the Tile Front Chest.

1311-1312. Sofa End Table

Simple uncluttered lines are used in the design of this ash end table. It features a pull out shelf and a drawer with a routed wooden pull that adds a decorative touch. The pull out shelf makes a convenient spot for lunch or snack dishes or reading material. The attractive grain of the ash wood done in a clear finish produces a clean and simple elegance. For details on the construction of the table and the wooden pull, see episodes #1311 and #1312 on the TV program the Router Workshop. 1311. Sofa End Table, Part 1 1312. Sofa End Table, Part 2

1313. Open Stringer Stairs

Stairs are a very important and functional part of our houses, offices and buildings. This stair has treads and stringers. This gives the stair an open look and is sometimes preferred in a special setting for decorative reasons. The function of stairs is directly related to their construction. Is there room on the tread for a foot? Is the space between the treads even from top to bottom? Is there sufficient head room? Bob and Rick address stair problems and delve into stair planning, needed accessories and router procedures for open stringer stairs on episode #1313 of the Router Workshop.