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Table Skirt Vein Fixture

We recently made a stepped hardboard pattern for a table skirt. In today’s tip we will cut a 3/8” slot in the pattern for cutting the vein profile.

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Project Planning

We will be using the skirt pattern (previously made) as well as 9/16” strips of hardboard, a brass bar and double stick tape. The slot will be 3/8” wide to allow us to use a 3/8” guide when cutting the vein in our table skirt. This slot is cut with a 3/8” bit and a 1/2” guide.

Making The Pattern

Attach a strip of hardboard with double stick tape and follow the bottom edge of the pattern.

Attach a second strip of hardboard the same profile only 1/2” apart to create a "trough" for the 1/2" guide.

Use a 1/2” brass bar or a 1/2” guide as a spacer. Also use 1/2” wide strips of hardboard as stops at both ends of the pattern.

Use a 1/2” guide and 3/8” bit in a portable router to cut the slot in the pattern.

Cutting The Vein In Your Stock

Attach this pattern on to your table skirt stock using double stick tape. Use a portable router with a 3/8" guide and 1/4" bit to cut the vein profile in your finished table skirt stock.