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Shop Step Stool Leg Design!

This shop step stool is indispensable. The slope and angle of the legs prevent tipping regardless of where you stand on the stool! Check out the following tip about the leg design!

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Beveled Edge

Prior to cutting the leg shape both the top and bottom of the leg stock needs to be beveled to produce the leg angle. We used a bevel fence to do this.

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This fence is set up to bevel and joint the stock at the same time, be sure to count the number of passes. If done correctly both pieces will be exactly the same!

Leg Design

Check to make sure the leg angles are exactly the same before proceeding.

When cutting out the leg design we recommend a 1" hole at the top of the notch. This will prevent the leg from spliting up the grain. If you only cut a plain notch as shown in the dark wood in the following picture it will always split.

This method has been used for many years, just check out some old benches!