the Router Workshop

Router Tips

Using A Safety Guide Pin

When routing irregular shapes with a pilot bearing bit, always use a Safety Guide Pin in your table mounted router plate. The pin provides support for your material and also helps prevent the bit from grabbing the material before making contact with the bit bearing.

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Installing The Bit

Make certain the bolt holding the bearing in place on the router bit is tight. Tighten the bit in the router chuck and adjust the bit height.

Safety Guide Pin Position

Quality table-mount base plates have a pre-drilled hole for the safety guide pin. The Oak Park base plate we use on “the Router Workshop” has this hole pre-drilled and is located close to the center hole of the base plate and between the bit and the operator. Insert the safety guide pin in place.

Using The Pin

Turn the router on and position the stock against the pin. Maintain pressure on the pin until the stock makes contact with the bearing.

At this point you can move away from the pin and keep the pressure against the bearing.

Restarting The Cut

Any time the work piece is moved away from the bearing, use the safety guide pin to restart the cut.