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The Best Way To Make A Quick Pattern

The router is the best tool for the job when you need to make multiples of one pattern. Check out this router technique used to make a quick pattern.

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The Inside Pattern

When cutting an inside pattern that is square or rectangle you need to have an outside stick perimeter and an access hole for the router bit.

Determine the pattern shape and positioning on 1/4" plywood pattern material. Cut a 5/8" hole inside the pattern to receive the flush trim router bit which will be used to cut the shape.

Straight shape and size do not matter if you are using the stick bypass method. Position the first stick on one corner of the pattern and tack into place (this strip will bypass the other end of your pattern layout). See the photo to see starting position.

Butt the next stick 90 degrees to the edge of the first stick, this will also bypass the pattern edge on the other end. It doesn’t matter how long the pieces are with this method because each piece bypasses the other.

Complete the process until all edges are in tacked in position.

Position the height of the flush trim router bit to match the 1/4" pattern sticks with the flush trim bearing.

Cut the inside shape out. Remove the 1/4" strips and you now have your pattern!