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E-Z Link - Indexing & Contrasting Corners!

The two patterns available for the E-Z System include the dovetail or the heart links. The pattern plate measures 10" between the guide pins, check out this tip that will show you how to index with the E-Z Link to make a 20" long cut! We are using the E-Z Link heart plate as an example. We will also show you a technique used to create a special effect corner, one which includes three pieces with the center piece made from a contrasting material to give extra effect.

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Making The Indexing Pieces:

You will need to make two separate pieces that you will use for indexing, one for the plugs and one for the pockets. Using 3/8 thick material (approximately 5 1/4 wide) cut on the pocket side of the plate. This will create the index piece required to use on the plug side of the E-Z Link. Do the same on the plug side, this one will be used on the pocket side of the E-Z Link. Be sure you mark each indexing piece so you know which side it is to be used on. Keep these pieces for future use!

Cutting the Plugs:

We will be cutting two separate side pieces. You will need to remove the clamp on the right hand side of your E-Z Link plate. Use double stick tape on the plate to help hold your stock in place. Be sure you butt your material to the guide pin as shown.

Cut the first ten inches. Remove the remaining clamp on the left hand side of the E-Z Link plate as well as the brass pin. Use double stick tape as shown to hold your stock. Place the indexing material marked for the plug side over the plug on the plate.

Move your stock over so the plugs you just cut will fit over this indexing piece.

Continue cutting the plugs.

We want to be sure that the good side of the material is always facing up. Our first side piece we indexed to the left and the second piece we indexed to the right.

Cutting The Pockets in 1 Square Material:

You will use the E-Z Link fence to cut these. Insert the E-Z Link fence in the predrilled holes for 1” material. Butt your stock against the guide pin and clamp in place and cut the first 10”. Remove the pin and install your indexing material marked for the pocket side of the plate.

Clamp and continue cutting the remaining 10”.

You will need to repeat the pocket procedure on the adjacent side of the corner material. Hint: the outside corner is always down on the plate and against the fence.

Fitting The Corner:

Fit the three pieces together to complete your corner.

Instead of leaving the inside square we cut the material on a 45 degree.

Other options are using a cover cutter to give a different effect.