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Easy Dowels!

Can't find a dowel at the lumber store to match your exotic wood project? Don't worry, make your own easily using bull nose bits on your router table.

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Choosing The Dowel Bit

The Bull Nose bit is used to make dowels. The size of the bit determines the size of the dowel. In our project we needed 3/4 diameter dowels so we used a 3/4 Bull Nose bit.

Bit & Fence Set Up

Chuck up the size of Bull Nose bit you require. Set the depth so the start of the bull nose is even with the table and clamp the table fence so it is flush with the bit diameter.

Use a piece of plastic laminate or thin material to check to be sure the bit is flush with the fence.

Your material must be planed to the exact thickness of the dowel you want. In our project we needed 3/4” dowel so our material was planed to an exact 3/4”.

Making The Cut

Stand the material on edge against the fence, start the router and cut the bull nose on one side of the material.

Turn the piece around and cut the bull nose on the other side of the material.

DO NOT cut right to the end. Stop the cut about an inch from the end because there will not be any material left to hold the dowel in place.

Cut or break this dowel loose from the material and sand the edges smooth. You can continue to cut dowel until you have all that you need!