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Preventing Divots When Circular Cutting With The Router.

When cutting circles with the plunge router we sometimes still end up with a little divot at the end of the cut even with using double stick tape to hold the material. Today’s tip shows how you can eliminate this divot.

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The Process

Normally we plunge through the material and then start the circular motion. This means we are cutting the full material thickness at the end of the cut. Any movement of the stock will cause a slight divot or mark.

Circle Divot Straight Entry image

You will get a smoother cut by starting the circular motion as you enter the wood and plunge through on a gradual angle.

Circle Divot Entry image

End Results

This will leave very little material at the end of the cut resulting in smooth circular surface. The first picture shows a divot or mark at the end of the cut on the edge of the stock. The second picture shows the end result using the gradual technique.

Circle Divot image Circle Divot image

Circular Cuts

This technique applies to all circular cuts with the router.