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Router Tips

Tips For Safe Routing

A few suggestions of what to consider when you are looking for a new router.

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Never Touch A Moving Router Bit

The first rule to follow is never touch a moving router bit. Before you say of course, remember how many times you have been tempted, after you have shut the router off, to brush away the dust and shavings with the back of your hand before the bit has actually stopped. Keep your brush handy and use it. It is a lot safer than using your hands.

Direction Of Feed

The most important item to remember in using a router is the correct direction of feed. Take a minute before starting a cut to look at the bit and the direction it is running. You can never do wrong by always feeding into this cutting action. A quick way to check when you are using your router in a table mount is to get your eye down to table level and look at the bit from the side you intend to feed. If you can see the carbide bit face you are feeding correctly.

Using a hand held router, always remember the direction of the rotation of the bit and cut into the stock.

Never feed stock between the bit and a fence. The router could shoot it like a cannon.

Organize Your Project

A good project uses time for thinking and time for cutting. It is a good idea to do your thinking first. Besides, it saves a lot of money on wasted stock.

Control Tear Out

Tear out occurs when a bit cuts through the back of the material and has no solid edge to cut into. Most tear out can be controlled by using a backing block to feed material, or by using ordinary masking tape along the cutting line.