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Bob's Choice Bit Set

The following is a listing of a few things to think about when purchasing router bits.

Check the listing of "Bob's Choice Bits" this is a good selection if you are just getting started.

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Shank Size

If your router collet allows it, choose 1/2" shank bits. These bits have a larger mass that decreases chatter and dissipates the heat better which allows the bits to stay sharp longer.

Pilot Bearings

For pilot bearing bits check the quality of the bearing and how it is mounted. We prefer to choose a bit that requires an Allan key and not a nut. We avoid a single arbor with multiple cutters system it is too easy to get the cutters setup the wrong way.

Router Bit Fillet

Most router bits have this but you should check to see that there is a fillet between the shank and body of the router bit. This is a small radius located where the shank meets the router cutter body.

Cutter/Body Clearance

Check to make sure that the router bit has cutter/body clearance. If the diameter of the sharp edge of the cutter is too close to the diameter of the bit body the router bit will rub and cause your material to have burn marks.

Router Bit Surface Finish

Check the surface finish of the carbide. Better quality bits will have a mirror finish on the carbide flutes and cost more.

Router Bit Angles

The proper shear and rake angles on the router bit flutes are a major factor to bit performance and in most cases the two flute router bits cut best.

Bob's Choice Bit Set:

1/4" round over bit
5/32" roman ogee bit
1/4" spiral bit
3/8" spiral bit
3/8" rabbet bit
1/2" dovetail bit
1/2" flush trim bit
3/8" Round Nose
3/4" Plunge Ogee

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