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Adjusting The Tenon Length

The Mortise & Tenon Jig from Oak Park is one which we use frequently on “the Router Workshop”. The tenon length created by this jig is 1", however with a simple alteration you can create different tenon lengths for your special projects.

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Cutting The Tenons

Normally the material is butted against the poly fence and this automatically creates a 1” tenon. In order to change this length we have to make a different stop for the wood. We simply inserted a screw into the poly fence.

Be sure that it lines up the precut grooves in the tenon mitre block.

We adjusted the screw so that it was 3/4” from the fence thus leaving us with a 1/4” tenon.

Butt the wood up against the screw stop and run your piece through.

If you want a different tenon length simply adjust the screw.

Cutting The Grooves

To cut the groove for the 1/4” plywood panel we used a 1/4” slot cutter and a regular table fence. We set the fence so that the groove was 1/4” deep. Be sure the slot cutter is in line with the tenon.


Fit the panel into the slots, glue and clamp.